November Book of the Month Unboxing


The books arrive nicely sealed to
avoid damage.

It is that time of the month again and I am back to share my Book of the Month box for November.  I would like to begin, however, with a brief description of this amazing subscription box.  Book of the Month is a monthly book subscription for which a panel of five judges select five books each month.  With your subscription you may choose one of the five books selected for the month and if you choose, you may add up to two more for $9.99 each.  All the books are new or pre-releases and hard back, and subscriptions range from $11.99 – $14.99/month depending on the duration of the subscription.  In my opinion, it is an amazing deal.

Now, on to the books!  This month I only ordered one of the November selections, but returned to one of the October selections for a total of two books for the month.  I did not find the selections this month as inviting as usual.  There is usually a good thriller to draw me in and something else vying for my eye, but this month was rarity as I usually fulfill my three book maximum.   
My November selection was Future Home of the Living God by Louis Erdrich.  This is a dystopian novel where evolution has begun to run backwards, woman are giving birth to primitive humans, and society begins to disintegrate.  Goodreads

My second book selection was an October selection choice that I revisited.  After the Eclipse: A Mother’s Murder, a Daughter’s Search by Sarah Perry was selected by guest judge Gabourey Sidibe.  At age twelve Sarah’s mother was murdered while Sarah was in the house.  After twelve long years the killer was caught and put on trial.  She had all her questions answered about what had happened that night in the house, but she wanted to know more about her mother as a person not just in her death, so she started an investigation into her life.  Goodreads
If you are interested in trying Book of the Month you can get you first month for $9.99 plus get a free tote bag by using this link here: BOTM, or if you would prefer to go straight to the page yourself and check it out, go to
See you next time and happy ready

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