Welcome to my blog, Musings Of a Bookish Nerd.  I wanted to begin by introducing myself and talking a bit why I decided to begin this blog.  My name is Erica and I am microbiologist playing chemist and I have a Masters degree in Public Health with an interest in infectious diseases. That’s right, I am a big ol’ science nerd and proud of it!! 

In addition to my love of science, I am a huge lover of all things books.  I found a local used book store last year here in town and it was the beginning of my TBR downfall.  I went from having a single bookshelf to having my bookshelf, top of the bookshelf, under the night stand, and part of the hall cabinet full of books.  Oh, and I also belong to the Book of the Month Club.  But who could blame me? The books are so cheap and in really good condition. 

I have recently discovered BookTube and have really enjoyed watching people doing videos describing the books they have read over the past month.  I am not one to record videos of myself, so I thought this would be a better media outlet for me to express myself about all these books I have been reading and accumulating and any other bookish thoughts along the way.

Happy readings.

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